Diabetic Snacks for Children – 6 Recipes

by Beyza Nur Öztürk

We sometimes get confused as to which of the various snacks we are heading for, and this makes us take the easy way out. The behavior of choosing unhealthy snacks can be explained by habit strength instead of conscious intentions (1). Therefore, it can direct us to packaged snacks full of additives. Particularly, some groups should take care of themselves in regulating blood sugar levels, especially diabetic children. Packaged products with additives and sugar inside the unhealthy snacks may cause a sudden drop and an increase in blood sugar (2). So, here are six practical recipes for diabetic snacks that you can prepare for your kids at home while having fun with your family.

Practical Recipes For Diabetic Snacks

1. Strawberry Ice Cream🍨🍨🍨🍨

diabetic recipes

Can diabetic children eat ice cream? Of course, you can eat it without added sugar. Fruit is the small trick for sugar craving in this recipe. Besides, coconut oil is perfect choice because it is rich in beneficial fatty acids, which decrease body fat and the risk of diabetes. (3)

The most refreshing dessert recipe for summer, of course, ice cream is one of the easy and beautiful recipes and one of the kid-friendly diabetic snacks 👇.

Mix half a frozen banana🍌,  9 frozen strawberries🍓 and 1 tablespoon of strained yogurt in a powerful blender. Then, grate the coconut🥥 that you kept in the freezer on it (in this way, more coconuts are found in your hand as fresh). You can also add 1 teaspoon of hazelnut or peanut butter🥜.

Preferably you can use 15 raspberries or blackberries instead of strawberries. What is your preference?

2. Yogurt and Colorful Fruits

diabetic snacks

Sugar can be an unhealthy choice for diabetic children, but there are saviors here to satisfy the cravings of the children: fruit and yogurt. During the visit to the market, children can go for fruity yogurts because of their colorful designs. That applies to homemade healthy snacks as well. 

This recipe may be more attractive with the different colors of fruits. Mix the yogurt and the fruits chosen according to the seasons since every fruit stores antioxidants in appropriate seasons.


3. Banana Chocolates

healthy snacks


A snack that you can quickly prepare at home and take with you to school. It can be also a party food for diabetic child.

“Just shake it.”

Put the finely chopped bananas and 1 tsp raw cocoa powder in a freezer bag and shake them. That is all!


4. Apricot Bar

healthy treat


Chocolate has always been a favorite of children. However, diabetics may need to control their chocolate consumption. This recipe makes it healthier for diabetic kids. 

5 dried apricots (sun-dried)

10 raw hazelnuts

2 tbsp cocoa

1 tbsp coconut

Put the apricots in water from one night before and wait for them to swell. The following day, pour the water and blend the apricots with the hazelnuts, cocoa and coconut, give the desired shape and put in the refrigerator for 2 hours. 

It is definitely just as easy as buying the packaged snacks for diabetics.


5. Apricots with Peanut Butter

snacks with peanut butter

Combine dried apricots with peanut butter; it is an energy store: 

Stuff your dried apricots (preferably apple slices, dates, etc.) with

1 teaspoon of peanut

or 1 teaspoon hazelnut paste

Dried apricots replace the sugar, which comes with some benefits: easy-to-find at home and satisfying for children as it tastes like chocolate.



6. Carnival of Fruits and Nuts 

apple, c,nnamon

Balance your blood sugar! Slice 1 small apple thinly and sprinkle with 1 pinch of cinnamon. Don’t forget to put 5 hazelnuts or almonds.

Consuming only fruit can raise blood sugar. It can be balanced by the protein and good fats in nuts. It does not provide unlimited access to these fruits in your diet plan because they are also a kind of natural sugar. 


Always remember to ask for the advice of a pediatric nutritionist! Because every kid or case is unique. So, you can get help reaching a sample meal plan for type 1 diabetic child, and it goes the same with the meal plan for child with type 2 diabetes.

If you want to learn which factors cause cravings for sugar, here is the link.

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(2) Lai, S., Cagetti, M. G., Cocco, F., Cossellu, D., Meloni, G., Campus, G., et al. (2017) Evaluation of the difference in caries experience in diabetic and non-diabetic children—A case control study. PLoS ONE, 12(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0188451
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