Choosing a Career Path in the Digital Age

by Beyza Nur Öztürk

Choosing a career in the digital age can get challenging. There is a fluctuation in the system constantly. But how can we keep up with this developing system?  

In the past, there was a structure in which we grew up in the profession with the relationships we mastered with someone more senior than us, where our career choices were more practical. In the developing world, the increasing number of professional groups and qualified students continues to increase. This causes changes in the system. Because you might be no longer considered competent enough in the system. There is always a lot of thought about “What else can I add to my current structure?”. We know that just graduating from a university is not enough to enter the system when seeking a job.

Employment Challenge in the Digital Age

With the development of industry and technology, the skills gained in an increasingly competitive environment soon run out, and perhaps people will have to become more creative. Otherwise, the changing nature of work and skills in the digital age may drag one into a very chaotic atmosphere. Those who survive in the system by producing innovative solutions can adapt to the next development more easily.

More qualities are always sought, and people strive to increase their qualities and potentials by using their creativity. For example, an entrepreneur who accepts a fixed income and does not adapt cannot stay any longer in the developing market (1).

In this process, the entrepreneur increases his creativity while following technological innovations, but the failure of those who keep the old ones can bring destruction. Schumpeter (1942) calls this process creative destruction (2).

Producing a new product with a new method can bring a fresh breath to the market and enable the establishment of an organization. 

employment challenge

Career Opportunities 

Before choosing a job, awareness of empathy, judgment, and creativity skills will help you improve yourself and keep you up because you can build creative ideas and applications in the developing digital age (3). In addition to that, you can create new scenarios using your judgment. Besides, to understand human behaviors, empathy provides analytic thinking. You can make more critical judgments with it. 

In short, we should take our multitasking personality to the upper to adapt to new jobs. With the digital age, new jobs direct us to innovations and multi jobs. Take this one as a guide throughout your job search in the digital age: One job is not enough to build up our future; we should keep improving our qualities to survive the digital age.

Here are the most promising jobs for the future of the digital world.

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